The Morning Show

Wake Up With The Point

Along with the Classic Rock you love, Drew has your chance to be part of the show with games like Know The Show and Whine Like a Woman/Lie Like a Man.

Weekday Mornings from 6 to 10.


Jeff Allen

Live & Local Music Report

From noon to 1, catch an hour of double shots from your favorite classic rock artists. At 1:40 listen to Jeff Allen’s School of Rock as the professor challenges you with a classic rock trivia question.

Weekdays midday from 10 to 3.


Mike Kennedy

Program Director

Weekday afternoons from 3 to 7.


Rick Steel

Don’t miss Rick Steel as he hosts Get Lead Out, Then There’s This, and The Rock of 80’s, the best hour on the radio.

Weekday nights from 7 to midnight.