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The Point 94.1 needs your help

Since you are a fan of The Point 94.1, we’re asking for your opinions on the music we play. This is your chance to tell us which songs you like and which you’d rather we leave on the shelf. From the comfort of your computer, you’ll listen to short music clips of songs and tell us if you like them or not. We need your opinion to make sure your favorite songs are always playing on The Point 94.1.

From all listeners who complete this special survey, we’ll draw and award Fifty $20 Target Gift Cards.

While taking the survey, keep in mind that you can leave and log back in later to continue. Log out and log back in as many times as you wish. The survey remembers where you left off. Of course, if you have time, please complete it all at once.

Click here to get started

Thanks for your help, and Thanks for listening to The Point 94.1

Mike Kennedy
Program Director, The Point 94.1